THE RIG Featured on Adam Savage's "Tested"

We were incredibly honored to be invited to the studio of Adam Savage's "TESTED" Youtube channel to do a sit-down interview for the really fun "Projections" show hosted there.

The amazingly nice Jeremy Williams of Tested was nice enough to stop by our booth at Day of the Devs two weeks ago -- the first public tester our game has had, in fact! -- and must have enjoyed the experience because he invited two members of our team to tape an interview, also featuring Tested's awesome Norman Chan.

They asked us about developing THE RIG for VR, and a little bit about the state of VR and the industry as a whole. We didn't always have a great answer, but we did our best, and had a blast. It was a real honor. Take a look if you've got 30 minutes, and check out their other content!

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