Wolf 424, VIRGO SECTOR: 

Downtrodden travel agent Willard Pike has been sent far into edge-space by his desperate sister-in-law. She's charged him with tracking down Dixon, Willard's estranged, deadbeat brother. His last known whereabouts are a remote, ominous asteroid mining rig hitched to the side of a massive asteroid: the AMR Alexey Stakhanov.

But if Willard finds his brother, what then? Does he even want to?

THE RIG is an immersive, story-driven 'space noir' developed exclusively for VR. Explore a fully-interactive light freighter as you attempt to land, find your brother, and uncover a tightly-woven mystery of murder and broken romance.




The story takes you deep into edge-space. Will you reach the AMR Stakhanov and find your brother?



Your ship, the REACHâ„¢ Drifter Cassowary, is a functioning living space. If something's not working, it's up to you to fix it!



People you encounter aren't much help. Can you convince them to make things happen? Or are you on your own?