We are SUNSET DIVISION, a independent game company based in San Francisco, CA, formed in 2016.


We are a scrappy team of four designers and engineers from backgrounds in filmmaking and software development. Our history is varied but our friendship came first, and we like to think it gives us an edge.

THE RIG is our first game and we are excited to push the excitement of exploration and storytelling to the forefront of a tight VR experience. Our aim is for anyone putting on a headset, even for the first time, to be able to pick up and play THE RIG.


Release Date:

Currently we estimate releasing in the first half of 2019, for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift!



  • Rich, old-fashioned detective storytelling over a century in the future

  • Interactive dialog branching. Are you tough-as-nails, no time to argue? Or easy-going and just down on your luck?

  • An immersive, fully-interactive VR environment. Explore your freighter and try not to break anything.

THE RIG is an immersive, story-driven space noir developed exclusively for VR. Explore a fully-interactive light freighter as you attempt to land, find your brother on a quarantined asteroid mine, and uncover a tightly-woven story of murder and broken romance.