• Developer: Sunset Division, Based in San Francisco, California
  • Release Date: Estimated First Half of 2018 (HTC Vive)
  • Platforms: We are currently only developing for the HTC Vive platform, but we will look into additional platforms as opportunities arise.
  • Website: (you're there)
  • Price: TBD closer to launch
  • Press Contact:


  • Rich, old-fashioned adventure storytelling in the year 2132.
  • Interactive dialog branching. Are you tough-as-nails, no time to argue? Or the easy-going sort, down on your luck?
  • An immersive, fully-interactive VR environment. We developed our game exclusively for VR to maximize the rich feel of being aboard your own spacecraft. Take a shower. Drink a beer. Talk to the AMR Stakhanov's station agent. It's up to you.


Abigail just showed up at your dusty Mars office one morning, after years of silent treatment. Now she says her husband -- your dirtbag brother -- is missing. Maybe off toward the constellation Virgo, of all places.

She's over him, but their young son Peter needs a dad, so she's kicking you out of your dusty travel agency to really prove your worth.



In the blink of an eye, you find yourself at the edge of travelled space, at a lonely backwater base quarantined in the midst of a murder investigation. 

Can't go home now; you've left it all behind. What do you do?